ROM Fastboot and Recovery Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro Equuleus

Frimware Xiaomi Mi 8 pro -  Download the Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro Fastboot rom file to fix bootloop, flash, update. There are two types of files that you can download, namely rom recovery and fastboot files.

ROM File Recovery (zip)

This type of ROM format with .zip extension does not need to be extracted first. You can directly use this type of file to install the OS Updater Application available on Xiaomi cellphones.

Smaller file capacity size compared to Fasboot firmware. Is a complete ROM file not an OTA update file.

The flash process is directly on the cellphone through the updater application.

This firmware recovery file is only used to update the MIUI version, and cannot be downgraded.

Fastboot ROM (tgz)

The fastboot file type has a tgz extension that can only be used after extracting it first. The installation process requires the help of an application and a computer for flashing.

This file is the fastboot firmware used on Xiaomi cellphones to repair Xiaomi Bootloop cellphones, Totally dead, hard bricked or change the Global ROM type to China.

Fastboot ROM has a larger file capacity, the flash process uses the SP Flash Tools application on Xiaomi using Mediatek Soc. While the Snapdragon Chipset Hp uses the MI Flash tools application.

Download File Firmware ROM Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro

Fasboot frimware Global Stable (.tgz)


Recovery ROM Global Stable (.zip)
Fastboot and Recovery Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro

How to Flash ROM Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro Equuleus

  • First Extract the Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro rom first if you want to flash it using the Fasboot file.
  • Next Open the miflash application that has been installed on the laptop
  • Then continue to click "browse" in the miflash application located in the upper left corner
  • Locate the folder that contains the extracted Frimware file, then click OK.
  • Continue to enter fastboot mode on the Mi 8 Pro by pressing the Power + Volume Down (-) button to enter fastbot mode.
  • Connect the Mi 8 Pro to the computer using a data cable.
  • Click "Refresh" on the miflash located at the top right until your Mi 8 Pro is detected
  • Continue to flash, then wait for it to finish.

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